2023 Mercedes-AMG C63: Release Date, Spy Shots, Price, & Specs

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2023 Mercedes-AMG C63: Release Date, Spy Shots, Price, & Specs. The upcoming 2023 Mercedes-AMG C63 has been spied for the first time. The German manufacturer is working on the next-gen C-Class and the spied prototype confirms that. The AMG C63 is a high-performance variant that looks sportier and more aggressive. Previous spy photos showed prototypes of the standard C-Class model and Mercedes-AMG C43 version.

New C-Class will go on sale next year, most likely as the 2022 model. We are more interested in this performance-oriented variant. This model will arrive later than the regular version due to the new engine technology. The price is not available yet, but we expect a premium price.


Two years ago, Mercedes confirmed that the next-gen C63 variant will arrive with a hybrid powertrain. Reports are predicting a mild-hybrid setup that uses a 2.0-liter turbo-four engine. The V8 engine won’t be in the offer anymore if that truly happens. As for the 2023 Mercedes-AMG C63, a 2.0-liter engine is available and it delivers 415 horsepower in the S compact car version. More precisely, the CLA45 S is the model that offers this type of powerplant. The addition of a mild-hybrid powertrain should deliver even more power, up to 503 hp. On top of that, 515 lb-ft of torque sounds great.

This hybrid system will be similar to AMG’s 53-series hybrids. More precisely, a 48-volt electric motor replaces the starter motor and alternator. It is a usual setup that you can find in internal-combustion vehicles. The hybrid powertrain will provide a boost during high loads and it will recover energy during the coasting and braking. Mercedes is yet to release further details, such as fuel efficiency figures, transmission, and electric driving range.


For a start, the new 2023 Mercedes-AMG 63S will get more lightweight materials. The goal is to maximize fuel efficiency, so the nose of the car will be lighter. This is an interesting piece of design as the front section carries additional new electronics. Spy photos are available and the prototype was spotted with flared wheel arches.

Moreover, larger intakes are visible in the front fascia, while the rear part comes with a prominent diffuser. The back of the vehicle wears four square-shaped exhaust tips, which looks very sporty. This model will ride on a modified version of the MRA platform that uses a standard rear-wheel-drive setup.


The spy photos failed to provide interior details. The 2023 Mercedes-AMG 63S will surely introduce various updates, including a new and larger portrait-style touchscreen. You can find the same unit in the new S-Class sedan. The infotainment system will get an update and the cabin is full of AMG signature touches. That includes unique bucket seats, an AMG-type steering wheel, and a new drive mode selector.


The forthcoming 2023 Mercedes-AMG 63S will go on sale in the second half of 2022. The S variant will be launched a few months earlier because the 63S version will suffer a radical shift in terms of engine technology. The price is not available yet and it is perhaps too early to predict a possible starting price.