2023 Lordstown Endurance Electric Truck: Specs, News, & Photos

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2023 Lordstown Endurance Electric Truck: Specs, News, & Photos. The all-new 2023 Lordstown Endurance is one year away. The automaker unveiled its first model yesterday. It is a light-duty pickup truck with an all-electric power. The production will start in the coming weeks at the Assembly Plant in Ohio. In a somewhat strange political campaign, Lordstown showed its new model for the first time.

Electric power, Endurance comes with narrow headlights and taillights. While there was no room for experiments, the design looks great. From what we saw, Endurance will be off-road capable pickup and it will start at around $50,000. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming model.

Lordstown said there are already around 20,000 pre-orders for the brand-new Endurance model. Interestingly, the development will start in the company’s Ohio Plant that was previously the plant of General Motors.

The forthcoming 2023 Lordstown Endurance is almost ready to arrive. This manufacturer already unveiled its new electric truck a couple of months ago. Lordstown released more specific details about its Endurance model. Thanks to that, we know the most important things, including the starting price, specs, and much more.

This model is produced in the Ohio Plant and it comes with a unique design and platform. The performances will be more than good and we think Endurance is a complete player in the all-electric truck segment. The biggest competitors are Tesla Cybertruck, GMC Hummer EV, Rivian R1T, and Ford F-150 EV models.


The brand-new 2023 Lordstown Endurance will arrive with four in-hub electric motors. Thanks to that, this truck will produce up to 600 horsepower. This system can be found in basically every relatively new concept. The first reports suggested a towing capacity of around 6000 pounds. Lordstown recently said that this truck will tow up to 7500 pounds.

Moreover, Endurance will provide 250 miles of all-electric driving range. We don’t know which battery sizes will be in the offer so we assume 250 miles of range is meant for the base trim level. DC charging system will be available and we are waiting to hear more about torque figures, acceleration, and top speed.


The upcoming 2023 Lordstown Endurance will deploy four in-hub motors. This system is usually present in the electric concept cars. However, none of these concepts arrived at the markets. Lordstown said the Endurance truck will produce up to 600 horsepower and it will be able to tow 6000 pounds. The company plans to offer a 250-mile all-electric driving range.

Still, the manufacturer didn’t say anything about the sizes of batteries and charging. According to some rumors, DC charging will surely be in the offer. Top speed and acceleration figures are also not available at the moment.

The forthcoming 2023 Lordstown Endurance will feature a traditional design with a couple of futuristic styling cues. After its reveal, Endurance will definitely wear narrow headlights and taillights. Moreover, these units are fading to long strips of brightwork. A similar styling cue can be found on Hyundai Sonata. It looks unique, but on the other hand, it looks unusual. The nose is slightly rounded and the front part comes without the grille.

Endurance wears the same tires as Jeep Wrangler. That is a clear indication of the truck’s off-road character. The good thing is that Endurance won’t look as weird as Tesla Cybertruck. Design is much cleaner and more attractive. Lastly, the wheels are featuring orange internal elements. Most likely, we are dealing with four in-hub motors that will power the truck.


On the inside, a new 2023 Lordstown Endurance will look very unique. Unfortunately, the manufacturer didn’t provide interior details yesterday at a live event. However, we already know a couple of things about the new truck and its cabin design. For a start, Endurance comes with a modern interior. That includes numerous high-tech amenities like a new and large touchscreen.

Most of the controls are touch-sensitive so physical controls are minimal. Some parts are looking very futuristic while some other parts are traditional. There will be room for five passengers and the cabin will look premium.


We like how the new 2023 Lordstown Endurance looks like. The manufacturer didn’t want to experiment with new stuff like Tesla did with the Cybertruck. Endurance truck comes with a traditional appearance and it wears interesting modern features. From what we saw, this model will offer narrow headlights and taillights. Headlights are fading into long strips and we think the lighting system is impressive.

The design looks unique but some parts are looking strange. The nose is rounder and the front grille is not available at all. Wrangler tires are in the offer and this clearly suggests good off-road ability. Unlike the Cybertruck model, Endurance features cleaner bodywork and it definitely looks more attractive. 20-inch wheels are available as standard.


The interior of the 2023 Lordstown Endurance will look unique and very modern. Few months after its reveal, the manufacturer released additional cabin details. There will be a room for five passengers and this model will offer analog buttons. Of course, not all of the details are available but we know the most important things.

Everything on the inside looks modern, including both the tech and the upholstery. The Endurance truck will offer a larger touchscreen, but we don’t know its exact size yet. Some controls are touch-sensitive and the outward visibility is great. The electric pickup will also offer a large instrument cluster and Lordstown promised great safety ratings.


According to various experts, the first impressions are more than good. The 2023 Lordstown Endurance will go on sale next summer and its base price starts at $52,500. Lordstown will release more details about its brand-new model in the first quarter of 2023. According to this relatively new brand, there are over 40,000 orders at this moment.