2023 Fiat E-Ulysse Prices, Specs, and Pictures

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2023 Fiat E-Ulysse Prices, Specs, and Pictures. FIAT launches the new E-Ulysse, the full-electric “people mover” that marks the Brand’s return to the Multi-Purpose Vehicle segment in Europe. The namesake of the previous design– produced until 2010, E-Ulysse represents another phase in the journey towards electrification, embarked on by FIAT with the New 500. Fiat E-Ulysse is the perfect vehicle for transportation services such as VIP shuttles and in hospitality.

2023 Fiat E-Ulysse Prices, Specs, and Pictures

2023 Fiat E-Ulysse: FIAT’s 2nd step into the world of electric

New E-Ulysse enjoys all the benefits of electric traction, such as entry into restricted traffic zones in town hall and silent engines. It likewise stands out from other MPVs for the measurements that put it at the top of the section for compactness, guaranteeing complete liberty of movement – E-Ulysse goes everywhere, consisting of all underground parking lots – and excellent handling. In fact, it drives like a regular car.
Together with the modularity of the interior and its capacity to accommodate approximately 8 people, these features make it suitable for transportation services for hotels, taxis and VIP transfers.
New E-Ulysse is the second turning point in the FIAT brand’s journey towards sustainable mobility. This uncompromising decision has led to requirements and performance in line with customers’ requirements:

  • two battery capacities, 50 and 75 kWh, to use the best option depending on use
  • series of up to 330 km in the WLTP cycle, the ideal service for free motion in the city and out of town, conference everybody’s mobility needs
  • top speed of 130 km/h
  • maximum power of 100 kW (136 hp).
  • torque of 260 Nm.
  • fitted as basic with 100-kW fast charge system to charge the battery to 80% in just 45 minutes.
  • for charging in the house or in public, customers can also purchase a three-phase 11-kW Mode 3 cable television or a Wallbox by Mopar.

2023 Fiat E-Ulysse Prices, Specs, and Pictures

The Italian Art of Hospitality: the “Living room” on 4 wheels.

E-Ulysse stands as the paradigm of Italian hospitality as distinguished all over the world: the welcome it offers can be seen above all in the configuration of the interior area, analogous to a “Living space”, to bring associates or customers into.

Well-being on board.

On E-Ulysse makes its debut a new air sanitizing gadget. This is an ingenious, and easy-to-use device, completely FIAT design. It can be used in the car and, being portable, it can be given other places by the customer, helping the hygiene inside the cabin and the removal of majority of bacteria that can go into the guest compartment.
Additionally, wellness is likewise boosted by the three-zone air conditioning, with different controls for each (for the driver, front guest, and back).

Panoramic sunroof: stylish on the outside, brilliant on the inside

The panoramic glass sunroof– as standard in the Lounge variation– lightens up the area and acts as a great method for travelers to see outdoors. This can be beneficial for town hall tours too, where the E-Ulysse can have access thanks to its 100% electric power supply.

Including 2 panels 40 cm by 1 m each with a total surface area of practically 1 m2, the beyond the big window features an elegant, pleasing line, and offers an incomparable view from the within. If privacy is needed or you require to shelter from the light, both panels can be darkened utilizing a moving curtain.

2023 Fiat E-Ulysse Prices, Specs, and Pictures

In between the two panels is the air conditioning diffuser with its 6 individually adjustable vents and integrated temperature/power control, to guarantee ideal convenience throughout the car. Two LED strips guarantee enjoyable, relaxing in-car lighting.

2023 Fiat E-Ulysse Modularity, comfort, and ingenuity

In the Lounge trim level, the new E-Ulysse provides the alternative of a genuine “living space” on 4 wheels, with 5 comfortable seats in the rear, to spend quality time in with your travel companions, in addition to making it possible to organize service meetings.

The particularly large seats and reclining armrests ensure the convenience needed. The double folding table can likewise be moved in between and the second and 3rd rows as an ideal surface area for the widest range of activities.
It includes numerous storage areas and can even be closed to decrease the footprint, vanishing between the seats.
In both the 7-seater “Living space” variation and the 8-seater Shuttle, all the E-Ulysse’s rear seats are installed on rails, so they can quickly be moved, reclined or perhaps eliminated, all with a simple action.

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The interior area can easily be reconfigured based upon guest and travel luggage transportation requirements: approximately 12 setups of the interior space are readily available in the 8-seater version, and approximately 16 in the 7-seater “Living room” variation, divided into 3 rows.

2023 Fiat E-Ulysse Prices, Specs, and Pictures

With its infinite choices to modulate the space, the E-Ulysse for that reason becomes the perfect companion for specialists using a group transit service, but likewise for anybody who needs to take a trip in business, consisting of on leisure journeys such as a break in the mountains or by the sea. There is plenty of area for skis, bikes or surf boards in such cases.

Drive like a car, load like a van

E-Ulysse is a Multi-Purpose Vehicle with the DNA of a car: the beginning point is the driving position comparable to a car’s, making sure exceptional convenience even on long journeys. The raised position of the seat also makes sure optimum presence on the road, while availability continues to be made uncomplicated and simple, by the ergonomic step in the cabin. Plus its strength, the tiniest measurements in the sector (height <1.90 meters, length of 4.95 or 5.3 m in the Long version), to guarantee handling and driveability.

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Lastly, roadway holding, suspension and comfort filtering are ensured in all driving conditions, courtesy of the 4 independent wheel suspensions and variable stiffness springs.
The load volume leads the sector, with trunk capacity of 4,200 liters in the standard variation and 4,900 liters in the Long (900 and 1,500 L respectively with all seats inhabited). Items as much as 3.1 meters long can also be loaded into the basic variation, or approximately 3.5 m in the Long.

2023 Fiat E-Ulysse Security and infotainment

E-Ulysse offers an impressive level of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), to make it simpler for the driver to prevent prospective dangers.

The very first is Traffic Sign Recognition, which utilizes the on-board cam to recognize traffic indications, reports them on the screen, and informs the driver of the present speed limit. Lane Departure Warning immediately cautions the driver if the vehicle is veering out of its lane, and Side Blind-Spot Alert keeps track of rear blind spots, sending out a light signal to the wing mirror in case the car comes too near any other vehicles while overtaking.

2023 Fiat E-Ulysse Prices, Specs, and Pictures

Plus Forward Collision Warning, which utilizes the video camera to check out the car’s trajectory and cautions the driver of any accident dangers with other vehicles or pedestrians. Active Emergency Brake Control autonomously triggers the brakes in case of a crash risk, while the Rear-view Camera offers a 180 ° image around the vehicle, to make parking simpler. Lastly, the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) is governed by the Grip Control function, which can be changed according to the kind of road surface area: tarmac, sand, mud or snow.

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In terms of infotainment, 3 levels of integrated radio are offered. The top-of-the-range variation includes a 7″ color touchscreen with Apple Car Play, Android Auto, and the Connect Nav service supplied by TomTom, with information on traffic, car park, gas stations, local weather and Points of Interest.

Trim requirements and levels

The 100% electric E-Ulysse starts off with a vast array of devices, in particular the 17″ alloy wheels, reclining and removable seats, three-zone a/c, detachable work surfaces, sunshades for the rear seats, and a storage web in the trunk. Offered is a greater level, known as Lounge, which stands out for numerous top-of-the-range features, consisting of tailgate with electric opening, breathtaking sunroof with ambient light, xenon headlights, and leather seats that can be changed into a “living space” setup.

2023 Fiat E-Ulysse Specs

  • Power 134 hp 100 kW.
  • Battery 50/ 75 kWh.
  • Top speed 80 miles per hour (130 km/h).
  • Driving variety (electric): 205 miles (300 km).
  • Type: Minivan|Electric.

2023 Fiat E-Ulysse Highlights

  • FIAT presents the new E-Ulysse, the brand name’s 2nd all-electric car to follow the New 500.
  • New E-Ulysse: “The Italian Art of Hospitality”. FIAT’s go back to the MPV sector, the pinnacle of Italian hospitality and sustainability.
  • A new air sanitizing device debuts, helping the hygiene inside the cabin and the removal of majority of bacteria.
  • Up to 12 configurations of interior area in the 8-seater version and as much as 16 setups in the 7-seater “living room” variation: modularity, comfort, and resourcefulness.
  • The 100% electric power supply and compact dimensions ensure accessibility in the heart of the city and fulfill needs in terms of sustainable movement.