2022 Volvo V40 Cross Country: Release Date, Specs, & Price

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2022 Volvo V40 Cross Country: Release Date, Specs, & Price. Volvo introduces the latest variant of the 2022 Volvo V40 Cross Country series. With the latest improvements in exterior and interior, this hatchback-type car offers different driving comfort. The Volvo V40 has three different variants of type D2, D3, and also D4. The three variants have some differences in exterior design but are less influential in the performance of these vehicles themselves.

If you want an elegant hatchback that can be used for everyday activities then the type D2 is your choice. If you want to get a more sporty car, type D3 is a perfect choice. As for the D4 type itself indeed the factory makes it with the impression of a tougher crossover car for various terrain roads.

Engine Specs

In the Volvo V40 2022 engine parts engine with a cylinder capacity of 2,000 CC which has 187 hp at 7,000 rpm, and has a maximum torque of 205 Nm at 6,600 rpm. This car has six automatic acceleration system with the capability of the machine. This car is very powerful and very suitable for use in urban conditions.

For the suspects, the camera comes with multi-link rear suspension and McPherson Spring’s front suspension to provide comfort while driving.

2022 Volvo V40 Redesign

In general, the exterior design of the 2022 Volvo V40 is already looking very sporty. And also elegant without having much. The aerodynamic hatchback form has a tough rim design support, so it’s ready to drive no matter where you are.

On the front, there is a grill section with a Volvo logo that is large enough to show its identity. The headlamp of this car utilizes a New design of the DRL light bulb called T-Shade. The use of this headlamp makes V40 look very classy and tough.

When viewed from the side, we can find that the Volvo V40 in design is perfect for creating an aerodynamic body shape. The rear of the car that is decreasing and equipped with rear spoiler is very showing the sporty side that is also owned by this car.

The back of Volvo looks very simple and elegant with a Volvo brand that is displayed in the. Meanwhile, a thin, simple form of the “rear bumper” as a sweetener for the sporty effect of this car is not lost.

2022 Volvo V40 Interior

The cab part of this car can be quite comfortable with a variety of materials that bind the dashboard and the inner panels. Unfortunately, due to the bent design of the back makes the rear passengers do not have enough room for the head. The car also has a large number of blind spots for the driver as well as a very small rear window.

For the dashboard, the part is not as expensive as a car hatchback dashboard design of its competitors. But we still need to appreciate this simple but quite elegant design.

By using soft-touch material with and chrome in some parts make this mobile dashboard part looks classy. The presence of the Settings panel button in Dash makes this car appear to have advanced technology.

The design looks elegant using a chrome bandage with a Volvo logo in the middle. The steering wheel also comes with control of the steering switch to adjust the audio power of this car.

This Volvo V40 seat comes with a highly ergonomic design that provides maximum comfort for the rider. Also, using leather material makes this part of the chair look very luxurious and elegant.

The car’s luggage room is not too big when people pair it with their competitors in the hatchback class. Rear seats can fold to provide the wider capacity to bring more items.


The features of the Volvo V40 2022 feature very complete safety and security features for passengers. The following are the features available in the Volvo V40. The car also comes with airbag safety for front and rear passengers.

Other safety technologies in this car are infrared-energy frontal structures, seat belts with pre-tensioners and load limiters, pedestrian airbags, anti-locking brakes with Hydraulic Brake assists, Electronic Stability Control, emergency brake lights, and collapsible steering columns.

For its security comes with the features of Alarm, Panic Alarm, Remote-controlled central locking system, Automatic door locking and Immobilizer

For entertainment, this car has a 7-inch head monitor unit that users can use as a connection to the Internet and can also watch TV. The audio section itself already uses a sound system from Harman Kardon which certainly has a very clear voice quality.

2022 Volvo V40 Release Date & Price

This car has actually not officially come out, but the speculations for the Volvo V40 2022 will have a selling value of about $54,000. The expensive car is due to the quality and luxury of the Volvo itself. That would certainly not disappoint the consumer.

Overall, the 2022 Volvo V40 is a very complete, exterior, and interior hatchback car. You can get the luxury, the safety, and also the speed of this car. The biggest drawback of the car is its limited viewing distance as well as limited space in the cabin for rear passengers.

For the release, the car will hit the market in the summer of 2022. This VOLVO presence is eagerly awaited by this car lover. In undeniable, some consumers have even ordered a long time before.

Volvo’s newest product has long been the target of consumers. There is always a surprise to each segment that is by Volvo. Having a Volvo is a proud thing. The price itself does include very expensive compared to similar cars on the market. However, considering this is a 2022 Volvo V40 that provides the best protection to its passengers, it can be a consideration of the price itself.