2022 Toyota Harrier Specs, Hybrid, Pictures, & Release

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2022 Toyota Harrier Specs, Hybrid, Pictures, & Release. Harrier is one type of SUV from the largest car manufacturer in Japan, namely Toyota. This SUV is quite attractive to many people because of its impressive appearance. However, reportedly this car will appear again with a new design and appearance in 2022. Here are some things that are new in the 2022 Toyota Harrier.

Engine Specs

In doing quality improvement, it would be incomplete if Toyota did not upgrade the machine it uses. Harrier apparently has two engine variants to choose from. Then, the first variant is a machine with a turbo-four feature base model.

The engine uses a 2.0-liter size and can produce 235 horsepower. Then the second variant seems to be far more interesting because it is a hybrid powertrain. The engine is the same as the new RAV4 with a 2.5-liter base system.

That way, this engine can save fuel in an impressive way. In addition, this engine variant will produce 220 horsepower. The output of the hybrid variant uses the A25A-FXS engine which produces 218 PS and a torque of 221 Nm.

As for the 2,000-liter engine, it can produce 171 PS or 169.5 hp at 6,600 rpm. It also produces 207 Nm of torque at 4,800 rpm engine speed. Torsi power is channeled to the front wheels via a CVT transmission.

And the hybrid variants using eCVT used by Toyota Prius and Altis Hybrid. In addition, on the hybrid engine, there is an E-Four option to move 4 wheels whose power is greater than an ordinary hybrid.

2022 Toyota Harrier Redesign Exterior

Some people hope that Harrier can change the new TNGA platform. But to change the design will certainly require a large enough cost. Even so, Toyota still wants to provide good quality in accordance with the wishes of its consumers. That way, Toyota made several changes to this car, including its exterior design.

Toyota always presents the best design for each car. With Harrier who will display a new style that is more aesthetic. This is one of Toyota’s approaches to attract the attention of the current generation. So that the Harrier model in 2022 does not follow the standard style that is the company’s global design.

The Harrier is similar to the Lexus RX and Highlander, the models of the three cars don’t have much in common. Toyota can guarantee that the next generation of Harrier will be more aesthetic than before. Both in terms of size and other aspects except the wheelbase will be the same as the previous version.

Harrier has 7 color variants including special black. In addition, this car also puts forward a firmer design by using the latest model grille. This Harrier also has LED Daytime Running Light lamps and LED Fog Lamp. With the Toyota New Global Architecture platform, Harrier uses a 2,690 mm wheelbase.

As for the rear lights, the Toyota Harrier uses a new stop lamp design with a stylish rear combine design. The size of this car is 4,740 mm x 1,8855 mm x 1,660 mm with a gross weight of 1,620 kilograms.

Interior Design

For matters of interior design, apparently Toyota has also done quite a lot of improvements to the Harrier. This SUV has a new cabin with a model and design that is quite luxurious. In addition, the Harrier dashboard is also very stylish because it uses high-quality material.

For this reason, Toyota can guarantee you will get a smooth and luxurious design in the 2022 Toyota Harrier. Harrier still has the impression of luxury even though it does not have wood panels. This happens because of the perfect combination such as chrome, silver brown, and black.

In addition, the seat that Harrier chose also uses quality materials so that it will provide comfort to its passengers. There are even some settings in the chair such as height adjuster, reclining, and lumbar support. The new model of this car turned out to have a standard three-row seat to maximize passenger seating capacity.

2022 Toyota Harrier Interior Updates

In addition, this car will provide a few inches in the wheelbase to provide greater passenger legroom. That way, passengers will still feel comfortable even though they have to be on a long journey.

The seats on this Harrier car use synthetic leather that is similar to bentwood so that the color resembles wood. And the most important thing is the security aspect of this SUV. Harrier apparently has 3 seatbelt points and headrest that you can adjust the height.


In addition to interior and exterior design, the 2022 Toyota Harrier also provides better features. These features are updated by Toyota to maximize the comfort and safety of its customers. The first feature is the panoramic roof which is on the roof of the car cabin. Of course, this feature is very useful for those of you who like to walk in the mountains.

That way you can enjoy the view more freely. In addition, this panoramic roof will give the impression of relief to your cabin. Harrier also has very important safety features for both the driver and passengers. The safety features of the Toyota Harrier are the Toyota Safety Sense (TSS).

TSS is a modern Toyota device that can prevent accidents. In the TSS there is a feature formation Pre-Collision System (PCS) with Pedestrian Detection (PD), and Steering Assist (SA). In addition, there are also Lane Departure Alert (LDA), Full-Speed Range Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC), and Automatic High Beams.

Then, this SUV also has an In-Car entertainment system which is quite important to pamper your ears. Therefore, Harrier has a T-Connect SD navigation system that features a TFT touch screen with a size of 12.3 inches. These features are used by SmartDevice Link with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support.

The next feature is smart security that complements the Toyota Safety Sense feature. This feature is a pre-collision system that can detect pedestrians or cyclists both in the daytime and at night. There is also an Intelligent Clearance Sonar with Parking Support Brakes feature that helps prevent collisions.

2022 Toyota Harrier Release Date & Price

The Toyota Harrier will reportedly be released in 2022 in the second semester. This can also change given the current conditions, and also Toyota has not issued an announcement regarding the exact release date. If you are interested, you can wait mid next year to get this car.

Reportedly Harrier has an estimated price of $45,000 for hybrid models. Of course, the price is in accordance with the advantages and advanced features that this car has to offer.

That way, the conclusion is that the 2022 Toyota Harrier is suitable for those of you who are looking for an SUV or crossover with a sporty appearance. In addition, this car turns out to be very environmentally friendly so you can use it safely.