2022 Rivian R1S Electric SUV Price, Interior, Photos, & Release

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2022 Rivian R1S Electric SUV Price, Interior, Photos, & Release. The new innovation for 2022 Rivian R1S, it’s the electrical SUV. This sport utility vehicle with smart innovation, cause of electric energy. You can still drive on without solar or fuel. Thus, you will save energy. As the SUV electric, this car has full power. So, this drive can run as long as you wish.

Many people doubt the electric vehicle. Cause they feel hard to find out the electric station for rechargeable. Don’t worry, this car has a long-life battery. This car has a mileage of up to 659 Km. So, in every full recharge, you will get maximum mileage.

Another advantage of the electric car. You can drive in with another driver in the same car. Thus, you can charge each other. If your power car is low. This is an innovation and the latest breakthrough, which other electric cars have not been able to do. Although, it’s little happening.

This car performance is a sturdy look and has 7 passengers to bring out your family or your friends. This car is the best SUV for this year. The spacious cabin in the SUV class is another advantage for this electric car. The passengers feel comfortable.

Therefore, you need to have this car. Of course, you may not pass this chance away. Because this car is a modern SUV car. This electric energy is the smartest idea between other SUVs. Besides that, you will save your energy, save fuel, and save the earth. So, you can follow save crude oil.

Engine Specs

Because of this car is an electric car. Its engine use battery. The battery capacity has 3 options. 105 kWh, 135 kWh, and 180 kWh. The battery has a fast-charged 160 kW. Thus, this car can run until 200 miles by charging 30 minutes.

2022 Rivian R1S Exterior Concept Design

This car is an electric car. But this car has a sturdy look. This is the best SUV design for a modern electric car. This masculine car between an electric SUV car. So, this car is suitable for people who like an adventure. The details of this car are:

1. Look Design
This car is like another SUV. Insight, masculine and sturdy, suitable for men. Especially the man who likes hard traveling. Everyone who looks at it, they must be don’t believe in this car that this car electric car. Their assumption, electric cars are simple cars, not sturdy like this.

2. Wheelbase
This SUV car has wheelbases 3076 inches. This size makes the car is higher than usual. This Wheelbase makes this car is a masculine look than its competitors. Therefore, for all of you who like a more masculine drive This drive is the right choice for your save drive.

3. Lampshade
This car is the best electric SUV but has the big power. Thus, the lampshade is to create for a long way. The lampshade is made with a narrow shape to support the SUV’s special LED light sensor. Thus, the lamp is able to penetrate foggy light.

4. Paint Colour
Special for SUV lovers. This SUV has a two-tone color on the roof and its body. Black color on the roof, and for its body has 8 options, there are light blue, dark blue, silver, black, white, green, red, dark earth. So, you can choose one of your favorite colors.

5. Body Dimension
As the new generation, As the best SUV, this car has body-sized dimensions, 5.039 X 2.014 X 1819 mm. This size makes the car sturdy look. This car is higher than its competitors. It can be an option for a Sports car lover, but an energy saver.

Interior Design

As the electric modern car, this car has a luxury interior design. Luxury design is one of consideration of customer to buy it. Whatever your position. This interior can give you a comfortable moment. So, you’re like at home, cause of it. It can give more comfortable.

1. Cabin
The 2022 Rivian R1S has an elegant design interior with 7 passengers. A spacious cabin makes all of the passengers feel comfortable. Comfortable and soft seats support the ride in this car to be more enjoyable. Screen display touch screen beside the driver can make entertain all passengers.

2. Dashboard
Different from another car, this dashboard features natural wood. It can make this car is more luxurious and elegant. Natural wood on the dashboard is smart design, cause it can give the harmony match between natural and modern design.

3. Material Of Passengers Seats
You can find the off-road concept in this design. Even you drop some food down on the seats. Don’t worry, cause material passenger seats are made from wipe-clean fabric. Thus, you can clean up it, easily. The producer special create this design for you, who likes adventure travel.

4. Monitor
Monitor 10 inchi on the dashboard can give the passengers entertainment and connect to GPS. You can run with this drive with that GPS no need to be getting to be lost. That, this monitor connects to the camera to make sure the car runs as its position.

5. Steering
Like an American car in general. The steering position is on the. Thus, driving this vehicle is specifically for American and European traffic regulations which have vehicle rules for steering on the.


The 2022 Rivian R1S has a modern safety feature. Features provide this car to drive more comfortably. These features are including camera, ultrasonic, GPS. This car has 3 level driving. Thus, it can run on freeway automatically,

2022 Rivian R1S Prices And Release Date

For the first time release. This car has priced at $ 74,000– $ 85,000 Each price depends on battery capacity, for 105 kWh at price $74,000, 135 kWh at price $79,000, and for 180 kWh is $85,000. But, for everyone who wants to buy this car, they must deposit $1.000 to get this car.

Good news for SUV Lover, the launching for the 2022 Rivian R1S is in late 2022 or until the first quarter of 2022. Prepare to greet them, and don’t forget to grab them early. Be, the first person who gets this premium car. Thus, you will proud, because of having it.