2022 Lucid Air Release Date, Price, Specs, & Pictures

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2022 Lucid Air Release Date, Price, Specs, & Pictures. The arriving 2022 Lucid Air is a model that will cause a huge splash in the automotive industry. Thanks to its impressive design, lightweight powertrain option, and tech-rich interior, Lucid Air could become a better EV than the new Tesla Model S. The arriving sedan is still in its prototype stage of the production, but the manufacturer promises great things.

For a start, 450 miles of the all-electric driving range sounds very promising. Lucid Motors opted for impressive aerodynamics and sportier design. The interior looks very fashionable and is full of technology. Lucid Air is a very practical and spacious model. The highlight of the 2022 Air sedan is its impressive performances and astonishing power.


The upcoming 2022 Lucid Air looks truly amazing. Its aerodynamics are perfect, and Lucid Motors opted for a short-hood long-cabin body style. The trunk is short as well, so it is a bit different approach than the rest of the segment. According to Lucid, the Air sedan will arrive with perfect dimensions for a high-performance sedan, and it won’t offer such traditional styling cues. The result is a distinctive car with sculpted areas and a unique design language.

In order to deliver better efficiency, Lucid Motors build a very slippery body, and the manufacturer says it is the “most aero-efficient car” at the moment. While Tesla Model S comes with a drag coefficient of 0.24, Lucid Air offers 0.21. Lastly, the Air sedan will get 19-inch wheels and optional 21-inch AeroDream rims.


The brand-new 2022 Lucid Air is a luxury car, and its interior perfectly reflect that. The cabin is full of high-quality materials and cutting-edge cues. According to Lucid Motors, the Air sedan will offer an incredible interior room and a high level of comfort. The rear part can accommodate three passengers. However, optional Executive Rear Seating is available, and it provides recline functions for even better comfort. The arriving sedan comes with a large glass roof, which provides better outward visibility.

The center console is smartly designed, so it creates more space. The retractable lower touchscreen is simply amazing, and generally, the technology inside the cabin is fascinating. The Air model will use a sophisticated infotainment system that adds another large upper touchscreen. The gauge cluster is fully digital, and the steering wheel is full of controls and buttons. Lucid said the front trunk or “frunk” will provide 10 cubic feet of space.


The forthcoming 2022 Lucid Air will deploy a dual-motor setup, and it will offer a standard all-wheel-drive system. There are a couple of different outputs that you can opt for. The Touring model will generate 650 horsepower while Grand Touring up to 800. The range-topping Dream Edition comes with astonishing 1080 horses. Many experts believe that Lucid Motors will offer a single-motor variant with a standard rear-wheel-drive setup.

The quickest version will have a top speed of 168 mph, and its acceleration should be impressive. Lucid promised 517 miles of all-electric driving range. More affordable models will have a shorter driving range but still over 400 miles. A 113-kWh battery pack is available, and it supports DC fast-charging capability. The luxury sedan will take around 20 minutes to recoup 300 miles of range.


The new 2022 Lucid Air will cost $80,000. On the other hand, the top-of-the-range Dream Edition will be available for about $169,000. You won’t be able to order a new Air sedan before spring 2022. That means the sales will start in the second half of 2022.