2022 Honda Vezel/HR-V Specs, Price, & Release Date

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2022 Honda Vezel/HR-V Specs, Price, & Release Date. 2022 Honda Vezel aka HR-V will be the next generation of this beautiful honda compact crossover.

Honda has always been one of the top companies in the world that produce top quality cars with a high number of sales. One of their top-selling cars in most countries these past years is the Honda Vezel. This year they are planning to gain the same success through the redesigning car, the 2023 Honda Vezel.

Some people might be asking which car is the Honda Vezel and how does it look? Well, if you know the Honda HRV then that is Honda Vezel. Many people know it more as Honda HRV because they say it is a mini version of the Honda CRV.

Well, it’s not wrong as the over whole design is just like CRV, however, the size is smaller. The price is also cheaper than CRV, therefore it interests many people. But, what are the other specs and features of the upcoming Honda Vezel?

Engine Specs

If there isn’t much change in the interior and exterior, well there is something to wait for in the engine of the car. Rumors say that there will be two types of engines coming, first the normal engine and second the hybrid version. Let’s see the powers of each engine of the car.

First, the upcoming engine will be coming with a 1.5-Liter turbo that can generate up to 190 HP. Compared to the old version, the engine is higher and has more power although not significant. With this machine, people can accelerate their ride on the highway.

The second option engine that is new for the Honda Vezel is the hybrid machine. This isn’t a new machine as it was already used before in the Honda Accord. This will be new for Honda Vezel as there was never a hybrid machine in the Honda Vezel.

2022 Honda Vezel Redesign

It is not a secret anymore that the Vezel design is luxurious and attractive. Many people think Vezel is a mini version of C-RV. At a sight, the design is almost the same, however, Honda Vezel is also designed from Honda Fit and Honda City. So, it is a mixture design from the best cars in Honda. No wonder, the overall design is great and attractive.

This year, Honda is planning to redesign the previous design and make it look more attractive than before. One of them is by adding a front-end fascia and a nice hood to their exterior. This simple touch will hopefully attract more people especially the modern people.

Honda is also planning to make the car look bolder and stronger than before. They may add some lines on the exterior part of the car. And use the different metallic paintings for the colors of the car.

It is also possible that the upcoming 2023 Honda Vezel will be coming in more color choices. Rumors say that it will be available in Milano red, Azure Pearl, and Crystal Black. The other colors will be coming soon, but for sure they are metallic colors.

2022 Honda Vezel Interior

One of the things people like the most about Honda HR-V is the space they get inside the car. Honda will not change too much of the interior space, as it is already good enough. The car will still be a 5-car passenger with great space for the first and second row of the car.

There will also be a wide space in the back trunk to put your things inside. You can get more space by folding up the second-row seats if there are no passengers. Overall, if you need a city car with a huge space, 2023 Honda Vezel is sure one of the recommendations.

There will not be many changes to the interior design of the cabin as it will be dominant in black. The new Vezel should upgrade their material to the natural leather to make it more luxurious inside. This includes the cabin to all the seats inside the car.

However, to make the new HR-V more modern, it possible that there will be a solar energy panel. They will also add more features, both safety and infotainment features to make the trip safer and fun. Be prepared for the more advanced interior of the 2023 Honda.

2022 Honda HR-V Redesign Exterior

The hybrid machine will be supported by two electrical motors. The capacity of the battery will also be higher or around 60 cells. As for the powerful engine, it is the same as the normal engine. However, by using this hybrid machine, people can get a more efficient and effective drive.

2022 Honda Vezel Release Date & Price

The car will be available in countries all around the world somewhere in 2023. It will hit some countries first before it is available in all the markets. Even though it will be available in February, people can start their order at the end of this year with some great offers.

As for the price, there will be a bit of increase as the engine is now different. People will have to prepare around $27,000 to get the base version of the car. So, it is sure that the hybrid version will also be more expensive.

Overall, the 2023 Honda Vezel is a recommended car for those who want a luxurious car at an affordable price. There are many rivals in the market in the same segment, however, some of the prices are a bit more expensive. As for the design, they are all almost the same, one of the difference may only be in features.