2022 Ford Kuga Engine, Specs, Price, & Pics

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2022 Ford Kuga Engine, Specs, Price, & Pics. As good news, a little bit of information about the new gorgeous 2022 Ford Kuga: redesign, interior, hybrid, release date & price spreadly. It will be the high-level car globally, Ford’s third production as a kind of SUV car with the fabulous features and precious models providing.

Actually, Ford Kuga is one of the popular SUV cars in the US with the name “Escape.” It has been present for about ten years by Ford Motor Company as an American company. Further, with its precious design and great features, the Ford Kuga always advanced for the next.

Performance & Fuel Economy

The all-new Ford Kuga uses the same fuel as the latest vehicle updates. It uses some fuel types, petrol, diesel, and electric, with different performances and CO2 emissions. The data is based on World Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Produce (WLTP).

For 1.5-liter Ford EcoBoost, petrol fuel with 150 PS 9110 kW). It gives 157 g/km CO2 emission with a max speed of 121 mph. Next, for 1.5-liter EcoBlue, diesel fuel with 120 PS (88 kW). It gives 138 g/km CO2 emission with a max speed of 112 mph.

Further, 2.0-liter EcoBlue (mHEV) with 150 PS (110 kW). It gives 136 g/km CO2 emission with a max speed of 121 mph. The last, for 2.5-liter Ford Plug-in Petrol (PHEV). It gives 32 g/km CO2 emission with a max speed of 125 mph. For the equivalent, the all-electric range is 35 miles.

Exterior & Interior

This vehicle presents a marvelous exterior and interior design, with a sporty and athletic appearance in premium proportions. Being quite bigger with more space in the leg, boot, and headroom for rear passengers. Besides, with more bulging front lights and more interest and sharper nasal area.

Further, the bright 17-inch LED with running lights all the time. Next, it has a longer wheelbase that makes drivers feel comfortable, and they get stability in driving. The car gives Windsor leather seats that are designed to be hexagon-shaped for the interior design.

The new Ford Kuga has quite a wide room and premium velour floor mats. There is a space provided for five passengers, which has an armrest much larger. Then a quite wide space for freight, which is about 34 cubic that can put more baggage.


some fabulous and superior features offer for this luxurious car. SYNC 3, like a tablet touch screen with 8-inch, includes Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and App Links. There are a navigation system and climate function. Additionally, SYNC 3 can do commands with a voice to connect to a smartphone.

This sophisticated car has advanced technology, named FordPass Connect. That’s an implanted modem that can be a mobile WiFi hotspot for about 10 devices connecting. Then, with FordPass Connect, the navigation system can update traffic with the Live Traffic feature. So drivers can make a smooth trip.

Additionally, a pad of wireless charging is below the instrument panel for charging a passenger’s smartphone. A full digital 12,3-inch instrument cluster for entertainment and driver assistance and safety features make the passengers safer.

Engine Specs

For the engine specs, this SUV car type with a Connect-In hybrid model could produce about 284 Horsepower and 380 lb-feet in prediction. This might use a 1.5-liter motor generator that creates about 120 HP and 200 lb-ft. Using 2.0-liter diesel or petrol engines might generate about 184 HP and 240 lb-ft.

Actually, the speculation above comes up based on the Hybrid variations of Kuga. This combined, usually for the power generator, will create about 120 HP. For the standard engine, the attached will gives about 150 HP. The engine’s total production power is about 280 HP, which is close to 284 HP.

For all the new Ford Kuga that has been launched use engines of petrol, diesel, electric, and battery.

2022 Ford Kuga Hybrid Options

There are three hybrid options provided by all of the new Ford Kuga, including the newest version. These are Plug-In Hybrid, EcoBlue Hybrid, and traditional Hybrid This mix the diesel or petrol engine with the motor-generator to drive the machine.

1. Plug-In Kuga Hybrid

Plug-in Hybrid Electrical Vehicles (PHEV) uses two types of energy, electric powertrain, and traditional combustion engine. It has 2.5-liter Atkinson with a four-cylinder petrol engine combined with an electric motor and generator and battery. Kuga’s PHEV can do charging from an electric refueling station with 230-volt during 4 hours.

2. Kuga EcoBlue Hybrid

It is called mild-Hybrid (mHEV) magnifies a 2.0-liter EcoBlue diesel engine using an e belt-driven integrated starter/generator (BISG). The BISG could save energy during vehicle declaration and charge for the 48-volt lithium-ion air-cooled battery pack. Then the BISG could be a motor that gives electric power in normal and acceleration driving.

3. Kuga Hybrid.

This kind of hybrid is full of the hybrid powertrain and does self-charging. It makes the drivers can drive using pure-electric. Then it combines a 2.5-liter Atkinson cycle petrol engine, generator, electric motor, and ion battery lithium.

2022 Ford Kuga Release Date, Price & Trims

There is no specific information yet on when this sporty car will be released. But the issue appears that it will show up about October 2022. RS designs might charge about $40,000, and further connect-in hybrid versions would cost roughly $32,000. On the other side, people expect expense labels starting with $26,000.

The price above is still just an assumption, not the accurate one for the price right now. It is because the Blue Oval carmaker refused to inform them of the expense. So the price could be based on the latest updates for each trim.

For the information, the newest price that releases in the UK is available for the latest version. It offers for Zetex is ₤ 32,490, Titanium Edition is from ₤ 28,665, and Vinale is from ₤ 32,865. Next, ST-Line Edition is from ₤ 30,465, and ST-Line Edition is from ₤ 31,565. Thus, the Ford Kuga 2022 MY might be the same as the latest or even more expensive.

That’s a bit of explanation and information about the new version of Ford Kuga. That mostly has the same marvelous and advanced features for the latest updates. Because the vehicle is the newest, so there is no accurate update. The people are still waiting for the exact release date and price of each model.