2022 Dodge Journey Redesign, Specs, Price, & Photos

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2022 Dodge Journey Redesign, Specs, Price, & Photos. Even though FCA has stated that Journey’s production is discontinued, fans still believe that there will be a 2022 Dodge Journey or a replacement with a new name.

It still carries the old design concept. But there are some redesign improvements. The redesign with this old look may become an affordable SUV. Dodge will reduce the amount of trim to be only 2 trims: Crossroads and SE Value.

There will be no all-wheel-drive and optional six-speed automatic transmission V6 engine. So, the only available powertrain is the old-fashioned 172-hp 2.4-liter four-cylinder. It is paired with an automatic drive and four-speed front wheels. This car will be based on Giorgio’s architecture.

2022 Dodge Journey Engine Specs & Features

This new sports car will offer several different powertrains, as well as the range-topping HEMI option. Some changes will also occur under the hood. A standard four-cylinder 2L engine will equip the base trim level. The unit can generate 276 hp and 305 lb-ft torque.

Each model has an easy-to-use touchscreen with a larger responsive screen. There is also one USB port in the front seat. Hopefully, drivers can use Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Performance & Fuel Economy

For the standard drivetrain, this car uses a six-speed automatic transmission. It spends 20 mpg of fuel in the city and 26 mpg on the highway. Like the other Dodge models, this car also offers numerous amounts of distinct powertrains, including the choice-topping HEMI range.

The base machine will be a 2L turbocharged turbo-four with 276 hp and 295 lb-ft torque. Some trim levels and the Scat Pack model will be available for the performance of UV-focused.

Crossroad adds a long-range star, universal garage door opener, navigation, heated front seats, and steering wheel. A six-speaker sound system with a subwoofer is also available. In the absence of a V6 engine and all-wheel-drive, customers may choose the SE Value-inspired version.

Dodge has transformed and simplified Journey into only 2 trim levels. There will be one engine and transmission available. It is also only be found in front-wheel drive. This is acceptable as Dodge always sells Journey at a low price.

2022 Dodge Journey Redesign & Changes

It has a 2L four-cylinder engine that generates 280 hp under the hood. The design could be similar to Dodge Charger. There is a rumor about the production. It will move from Mexico to Italy, which is the same assembly plant where Stelvio was assembled. It will look more aggressive.

This new 2022 Dodge Journey will be shorter than its precursor. Therefore, some say it will look like the Alpha Romeo Stelvio-sized, which makes sense because Journey’s predecessor has 192.4 inches in length, while the new model will be 8 inches shorter.

New Dodge Journey Concept Design Future With New Grille

The FCA will be working on the new design. Some rumors say Dodge Charger will be the inspiration. As well as the same styling, including the Scat trim Pack. It will get new construction. The drive configuration will change from front-drive to reel-wheel-drive.

2022 Dodge Journey Interior

There will be some significant changes on the inside. Current Journey offers 3 seat rows. The newest version will arrive with only 2 seat rows. The newest Journey will reduce the seating capacity to 5 people. As this will be shorter than its predecessor, customers expect a great interior.

The FCA will provide a higher comfort level with the new seats and the new upholstery fabrics. All trim levels also will get many updates. The infotainment system could be the next generation of the UCONNECT5 system, and Journey will get a bigger look.

Journey interior has simple, user-friendly controls as it is so practical. The interior is easy to be configured and has a bunch of quite large storage for many things. The second row can be folded into the 60/40-split to expand the available cargo space.

In addition to its simple interior, large-sized trash can be under the front passenger seat cushion. In the second row, there are also two large underfloor compartments.

Safety Features

Dodge really cares about its occupants’ safety. Dodge adds various safety features on its Journey as below:

1. Anti-lock Brakes
When a tire stops rotating under extreme braking, the anti-lock brakes will automatically sense it. It will let the tire rotate again by modulating the brake pressure. This will increase the car’s ability to turn while it is on braking.

2. Stability Control
When it exceeds the car’s handling limits, the stability control will automatically sense it. Therefore, it will apply the select brakes and/or reduce the engine power. It will help to prevent the driver from losing control of the car.

3. Overhead Airbags
During a crash, airbags provide a crucial cushion for people inside. It will instantaneously inflate when a crash happens. There are some types of airbags. The overhead airbags are available on Journey to protect the occupants’ heads when a rollover or side collision occurs.

4. Knee Airbags
The knee airbags are ready to protect the occupants’ feet from a serious injury when the accident occurs. Even though it is not as popular as the others, the knee airbags prevent the occupants from a bone fracture.

5. Front-impact Airbags
The front-impact airbags are available to the front occupants. The airbags will protect the front occupants’ heads during a frontal crash. Front airbags have reduced 29% of driver fatalities in frontal crashes and 32% of front-seat passengers’ (age 13<) fatalities.

6. Side-impact Airbags
There are side-impact airbags for the front seats. The airbags will protect the torso from a side-impact collision. The side-impact airbags have reduced 37% of drivers’ risk of death in driver-side crashes and 52% of SUV driver’s risk.

7. Anti-whiplash
Actively react to rear collision forces, the anti-whiplash head restraints will cradle the occupants’ heads. It will decrease the possibility of a whiplash injury.

8. Seatbelt Pre-tensioners
During a crash, the seatbelt pre-tensioners will automatically tighten seatbelts. So, the occupants will be in the optimal seating position and can be safe.

9. Rear-parking Sensor
The rear-parking sensor will automatically sensors the obstacles when the driver is going to park the car. This prevents the car from being scratched.

10. Security System
If someone opens the door using another key (not the original manufacturer key), the owner does not need to worry. Because there is an ignition disable device that will prevent the engine from starting.

2022 Dodge Journey Release Date & Price

Dodge has not announced the official release date, but it should be released this year. Customers currently can only predict the price. If the Journey maintains its current price, it will be around $30,000.

Far, those are everything we know about the next year’s Dodge Journey. There should be many updates soon from Dodge, as the customers need to be convinced to purchase.

Final Word

FCA confirms that they will discontinue Dodge Journey’s production after 2022, although many fans predict that Journey will not just die. In 2022 we hope there will be a new generation of Dodge Journey or a new name replacement.

Hopefully, this waiting will not be too long. The customers can be sure to purchase the Dodge Journey.