2022 Buick Velite 7 Release Date, Price, Specs, & Pictures

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2022 Buick Velite 7 Release Date, Price, Specs, & Pictures. The upcoming 2022 Buick Velite 7 is an all-electric compact SUV that will go on sale in China. This model is based on the same platform as the Chevrolet Bolt EV. More precisely, Velite 7 SUV rides on General Motors’ BEV2 architecture. The battery-electric model will offer a 66-kWh front motor and an impressive driving range. However, its arrival in the United States is still unlikely to happen in the near future.

Buick unveiled the new Velite 7 this June, but some details are still not available. From what we saw, it is an elegant and very stylish SUV with a premium interior. The price is just one of the mysteries. On the other hand, the sales will surely begin by the end of 2022.


The all-new 2022 Buick Velite 7 will deploy an all-electric power. This SUV is closely related to the Chevrolet Bolt EV model. Two models are using the same BEV2 platform. This architecture will accommodate a 66-kWh front electric motor, and the batter will provide about 260 miles of electric driving range.

Exact powertrain details are yet to be announced. At this moment, Bolt EV is producing 200 hp and 266 lb-ft of torque, and it uses a single-speed transmission. We can safely predict that the Velite 7 SUV will surely deliver more power than its sibling.


The forthcoming 2022 Buick Velite 7 looks very distinctive. Moreover, this is an elegant compact SUV with impressive bodywork and athletic stance. Surprisingly or not, Velite 7 looks won’t largely depart from its original concept. Thanks to that, this model will wear plenty of modern styling cues and flashy exterior features.

The front fascia comes with a wing-shaped grille, and new matrix LED headlamps. Velite 7 is a five-door SUV, and according to the manufacturer, it is a very practical and efficient model in every possible way. The aerodynamics are looking great, which should improve the driving range.


We are waiting to hear more details about interior design. However, we think the 2022 Buick Velite 7 won’t deliver huge surprises. We are sure that Velite 7 SUV will look very premium on the inside. Upper trim levels should provide real luxury and more standard equipment. There will be room for five persons, and the legroom will be similar to the other compact SUVs in the segment.

The cabin will host plenty of recycled materials, along with the panoramic sunroof and ambient lighting. Everything inside the cabin looks so elegant, and we believe the range-topping trim level will sport more wood and chrome accents. The Velite 7 model will offer a lot of driving-assistance, including a 360-degree camera and low-speed automatic driving capability.


The price is not available yet, but the new 2022 Buick Velite 7 will surely arrive by the end of the year. However, its arrival in the U.S. is unlikely to happen in the next two years. Instead, Buick will sell its new compact SUV in China. Interestingly, it won’t be the first time for Buick to deploy this strategy as the Velite 5 model is also available in China exclusively.